Severe allergic reaction (eg, anaphylaxis) after a previous dose of any diphtheria toxoid-, tetanus toxoid-, pertussis-, hepatitis B-, or poliovirus-containing vaccine or to any component of PEDIARIX is a contraindication for PEDIARIX

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  • INFANRIX is available in:
  • 0.5-mL single-dose vials
  • 0.5-mL single-dose prefilled Tip-Lok® syringes (packaged without needles)
  • A 0.5-mL dose of INFANRIX is approved for intramuscular administration in infants and children 6 weeks to 7 years of age (prior to the seventh birthday) as a 5-dose series
  • The series consists of:
  • A primary immunization course of 3 doses administered at 2, 4, and 6 months of age (at intervals of 4 to 8 weeks). The first dose may be given as early as 6 weeks of age
  • Followed by 2 booster doses, administered at 15 to 20 months of age and at 4 to 6 years of age
  • Preferred administration site:
  • Anterolateral aspect of the thigh for most infants younger than 12 months of age
  • Deltoid muscle of the upper arm for most children 12 months of age to 7 years of age
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Vaccination with INFANRIX may not result in protection in all vaccine recipients.

The tip caps of the prefilled syringes contain natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

Store refrigerated between 2° and 8°C (36° and 46°F).
Do not freeze. Discard if the vaccine has been frozen.


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