NUCALA should not be administered to patients with a history of hypersensitivity to mepolizumab or excipients in the formulation.


Eosinophil results can be reported in various ways; labs may not report absolute eosinophil counts as cells/μL. Results may be reported in units of:

  • K/μL
  • GI/L
  • x103 cells/μL or x10E3 cells/μL
  • Relative %

Clinical studies described in the Prescribing Information for NUCALA report blood eosinophil levels as cells/μL.

If you receive lab results that are not expressed as cells/μL, the Blood Eosinophil Unit Conversion Calculator for NUCALA was developed to convert these results to cells/μL to help you assess and identify patients who may benefit from NUCALA.

Blood Eosinophil Unit Conversion Calculator

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