NUCALA should not be administered to patients with a history of hypersensitivity to mepolizumab or excipients in the formulation.


Patient out-of-pocket costs may be reduced through co-pay assistance opportunities for your patients who meet eligibility requirements.* Patients who need help affording their medication may be able to get assistance from Gateway to NUCALA.

The Co-pay Program for NUCALA

The Co-pay Program for NUCALA helps your eligible patients get access to NUCALA with $0 co-pay for up to $11,000 annually.*

*Enrollees in government programs are not eligible. See full terms and conditions at Gateway to NUCALA for additional program eligibility details.


To determine if your patient is eligible for the Co-pay Program for NUCALA, you and your patient must complete the enrollment form.


The NUCALA Patient Assistance Program

The NUCALA Patient Assistance program may help your uninsured patients who meet program eligibility criteria obtain access to NUCALA free of charge.


Coverage can vary by plan and is dependent on medical necessity requirements. Gateway to NUCALA or the specialty pharmacy can help identify any patient-specific plan requirements and their possible coverage. In addition, CoverMyMeds offers healthcare professionals support with Prior Authorization (PA) forms.

Covermymeds® offers electronic PA forms for most prescription plans and is free to use.

Benefits include:

  • Facilitates PA submissions
  • 10,000+ forms in one place
  • Works with all drugs, Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial health plans
  • Complements Gateway to NUCALA services

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