Partner with pharmacists to ensure your patients receive Tdap vaccination

Prescribing and following up
While most states don’t require a prescription for a Tdap vaccine, it’s a good idea to write one for record-keeping purposes. Using an
e-prescription system is helpful for following up. Regardless, make sure to follow up with your patient about immunization at his or her next visit.

E-prescribing Tdap1:

Allows your office to conveniently write and send vaccine prescriptions to the pharmacy
Helps you document the referral in your office
Helps the pharmacist follow up with the patient
Informs you about the administration in the patient’s medication history so you can update their immunization records accordingly
  • Helpful tip: print an e-prescription receipt and give it to the patient as a reminder
  • Follow up with your patient at their next visit so you can be sure their immunization records are up to date. Get the resources you need to further understand e-prescribing and support your practice at
Don’t e-prescribe? Provide a referral card

Office staff can write a referral card for the patient to bring to the pharmacist.

Get easy-to-understand information for all the major e-prescribing systems here

If you don't e-prescribe, your office can write a referral card for the patient to bring to the pharmacy. Download here

Identifying patients eligible for vaccination
  •  Check your patients’ immunization status to determine whether they may be appropriate candidates for Tdap vaccination
  •  Consider recommending a Tdap vaccination for appropriate, previously unvaccinated patients when recommending a flu vaccine
  •  Familiarize yourself with the ACIP recommendations for Tdap vaccination (previously unvaccinated persons 11 years of age or older, and pregnant women during each pregnancy)
  •  Set up electronic health record (EHR) alerts for Tdap vaccination
  •  Ask patients about their immunization status when they check in with your support staff

Tdap vaccination is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare. Learn more

Reference: 1. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield website. Introducing ePrescribing. Accessed August 7, 2017.

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